Monday, March 24, 2014

Utah Avenue

Utah Avenue
Can you believe it is P-day again already?  Me neither.
Also, didn't March just start yesterday?  And now it is practically over!  Weird!  I guess time flies when you are having fun/serving the Lord!
Sister Tanner and I wearing green for St. Patrick's Day!

 Here is a rundown of the week:
Tuesday-  We received 2 headquarter referrals.  One from some guy named Bryan but the address didn't exist... weird ;).  The other was for a lady and when we got there we saw that it was an assisted living center so we knew we would be in for a treat.  Turns out she was skizophrenic.  So that was an interesting visit.  Later that night we had a lesson with Sarah that went amazingly well!  We talked about the 10 commandments.  She has lived a really hard life and been through so much, but she is so willing to leave it all behind and follow Jesus Christ!  It is amazing!  The lesson could not have gone any better.  And now she is one step closer to the waters of baptism!
Wednesday- Something really cool happened.  I placed a Book of Mormon all by myself for the first time!!!  I have placed Book of Mormons before, but it has always been me and Sister Tanner tag-teaming it.  (which is the way it is supposed to be I guess).  But this time we were waiting at a bus stop and a less active that we have been working with for a long time called us.  Sister Tanner answered the phone and started talking to her for a while.  I looked over and saw a guy walking down the street and knew this was my chance.  I said a quick prayer, gave myself a mini pep talk, and walked over to him leaving sister tanner behind.  I started talking to him.  His name was Randy and he was a really nice guy!  We had been talking a while and I knew the bus should have been there by that point.  So I prayed really hard to Heavenly Father that the bus wouldn't come until I have given this guy a Book of Mormon.  I introduced the Book of Mormon to him and showed him the picture in the front of when Christ came to visit the America's and bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon.  I asked if I could say a prayer with him before I left and he agreed.  As soon as I said amen, there was our bus coming down the street.  What a tender mercy from Heavenly Father!  I felt the spirit so strong and I think Randy did too.  I know Heavenly Father was proud of me and I know that it wasn't a coincidence that the bus didn't come until Randy had heard my testimony of the restored gospel. 
Thursday-  Not much happened.  We were able to visit with some less-actives and then we had weekly planning which takes forever.  But something really cool happened that night though.  We were texting a set of Elders in our ward about them coming to a lesson.  The text that we sent was 2 pages long and they got the first page, but then the second page was some random person's name and address and phone number!  WHAT???  CRAZY!!!  We are thinking it must be a referral from heaven.  they are going to go visit her and I will let you know what happens. haha
One of my favorite members in our ward!  She died her hair blonde so now we match! :)

Love my new scarf from my favorite older sister!
Friday was a miracle day!  We tracted the nicest street in the United State of America!  Not a single person was interested in what we had to say at all, but none of them yelled at us or swore at us and only a couple slammed the door in our faces.  I was thinking about it, and I am grateful for all of the miserable experiences that I have had tracting.  I am especially grateful that the very first time I went was the worst time I have ever gone.  I really think that was a blessing in disguise because now I can compare every tracting experience to my first time and it never seems that bad anymore!  haha
Saturday not much happened.  Except I witnessed a drug deal in front of my very own eyes on the bus!  It was crazy.  They were sitting right in front of us and I will tell you this much... the Spirit was NOT there.  Geez... Saturday nights on the bus never disappoint.  But I know that Heavenly Father is looking out for us and keeping us safe!
I was studying 3 Nephi this week when Christ comes to the Americas.  I LOVE IT.  In 3 Nephi 9 it says, "Will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you?"
Christ wants to heal us!  He wants to make us whole.  He is just sitting there waiting for us and all we have to do is come unto him.  And we will give us the help that we need. 
Then 3 Nephi 9:14 says this:
(one of my ALL TIME favorite scriptures!)
Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life.  Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me.
I love you so much!!!  The church is true!
Remember who you are and whose you are!!
Sister King

Our countdown to S's baptism!  We are so excited!

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