Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Stallis Strong

Prayers have been answered because Sister Tanner and I will be staying together for another transfer here in West Allis!!!  I'm so grateful and I'm so excited.  I hope these next 6 weeks will be just as awesome as the last.  It is so weird that I have already been out a transfer.  I think that means I am 1/12 of the way done.  Crazy!  It is going by so fast!  And I can't believe that Sophia will be here on Wednesday.  Sis Tanner and I are going to try to swing by the Stake Center on Wednesday so hopefully I will see her!  I sure do love that girl.

Also, Wyatt I think got transferred to somewhere up in Green Bay so I won't be seeing him anytime soon.  Transfers seriously are crazy.  That is another reason that I know the church is true because there is no possible way that transfers could work if it wasn't.  Haha but Sis Tanner and I will be together this transfer so that is all I really care about.  Also I was thinking... there is this transfer and then the one after that is Mother's Day so I will get to talk to you guys!!!!  I can't believe it! I am so excited.  I know that I say it a lot but I sure do miss every single one of you.

All the other sisters were jealous of how awesome my trainer is :)
Here is what has been going on in 'stallis.
Tuesday was fun.  We had a zone training in the morning and that ended up taking most of the day because afterwards we all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings as a zone.  hahaha that was fun and also delicious.  After that we met with a new investigator that ended up coming to church this week so things are looking promising there.
Wednesday was probably the best day of my mission so far.  In the morning we didn't have much to do so we decided to set out and go tracting.  We decided that we would get off the bus somewhere around 80th street and then tract around there for an hour or two.  The bus driver missed our bus stop so we ended up getting off around 76th.  I don't know why but we decided to walk back to 80th street to tract.  At the time it didn't seem like we were being prompted very strongly to do it, but it was just kind of the way things worked out.  We met a lot of nice people on 80th street (as well as a lot of mean ones...) But the cool thing is that as we were walking down the street this girl came out of her front door and started walking to her car.  We crossed the street to try to talk to her before she left.  I handed her a mormon.org card and she gasped and said "I have always wanted to learn about this!"  She was in a hurry so we couldn't talk to her for very long but we set an appointment for later and then she left.  Her name is Tess  and  just 5 minutes later she texted us and said "I am so shocked that I ran into you girls."  I know without a doubt that we were supposed to run into her that day.  It wouldn't have happened if we hadn't have walked back all that way to 80th street.  Later that night we had dinner with Sarah who is the friend of one of our ward members and we had dinner at her house.  It was so fun!  She is so cute and she is so prepared and has so much faith.  She made us the yummiest dinner ever and then shared some of the experiences that she has had since she has started coming to church last month.  Her faith and testimony have really helped to strengthen my faith and testimony.  She is such an amazing example to me.  It is so fun because she really has become our friend.  I love S because I have seen how the gospel has already changed her life for the better.  She is amazing.
I think the reason that Wednesday was so amazing is because it was the first day on my mission that I have truly felt like an instrument in the Lord's hands.  This is His work and He is the one preparing people.  I am just the instrument that He uses!  For example, with Tess
I know that Heavenly Father has been preparing her.  He sent us back to 80th street to find her!  Looking back I know that it was a spiritual prompting that we acted on and it is the best feeling in the world.  I love serving the Lord!
We were really looking forward to Thursday because we had an appointment scheduled for every hour.  That never happens because it usually takes us an hour or more to get from appointment to appointment on the bus, but we had worked it out so that members could come with us and drive us to appointments.  We were so stoked to have such a busy and successful day!  Most of the appointments ended up falling through... that's missionary work for ya.  But we were still able to get a lot done!  It was still a good day.

So good to see Sister Packer again!

All of the Sisters that I came out with together again!

Friday was New Missionary Training!  We got together with all of the missionaries that I came out with to have a training together and for President to see how our first transfer has been going.  It was so fun to get to see my MTC friends again.  Especially Sister Packer!  Oh how I have missed that girl.  She is so sweet and she seems to be doing well.  She is in Sun Prairie which is up by Madison.

Our training started out with President Cutler teaching us about some missionaries from the Book of Mormon.  One reason that I love the Cutlers so much is because they really are concerned about each of the individual missionaries and their conversions.  Even though trainings can be long, I have loved each and every one of them.  Then we got to have lunch and this was probably my favorite part of the day because I really got to catch up with all of the girls I came out with.  It was fun because I totally have the coolest stories so far.  Because we are in Milwaukee and we take the bus we meet crazy people every single day so I just told them all about all the drunk people we meet and that was fun.

After that we just did a lot of role playing and practicing teaching all of the different trainers that were there.  It was fun to get to teach all of the other trainers and they were all so nice.  That being said, I could not be more grateful that I lucked out with Sister Tanner.  The other trainers were nice but Sister Tanner is totally the best/coolest/funnest one.  Haha I was thinking about it as I ate lunch with both Sister Tanner and Sister Packer and I don't know how I lucked out with the two best companions in the whole mission to be my first two companions.  I feel so blessed!  I hope that I can be a good companion throughout my mission.  I also liked the New Missionary Training because it helped me to see how far I have come.  Just in six weeks I have already learned so much!  I know that I still have a loooooooooooong way to go, but I am grateful for how much I have grown so far.  The training was awesome.

After that we had dinner at the Boston's who are the super awesome members of our ward and we played marshmallow wars :)
Saturday morning we got the transfer text and we were STOKED to find out that we will be staying together! 

Sister Tanner and I got bored one night... haha

Over all, it was a pretty good week! And it was also a good transfer.  Excited to start the next one!
Today it is like 45 degrees outside so we are roasting!  And a member invited us to go to the zoo so that is what I will be doing for p-day today. 
I thought I would just leave you with the cool quote from President Monson that I like to remind myself of here in the mission field, especially when things get hard and it's tough to have a good attitude.
"There is only one thing that is more contagious than enthusiasm, and that is the lack of enthusiasm."
WE HAVE THE RESTORED GOSPEL ON THE EARTH!!!!  How exciting is that?  It really is such a big deal!  Be excited to share it with anyone that you can because the gospel truly is good news.
Love you all so much.  I appreciate your letters and e-mails more than you know!  Have an awesome week!
Sister King

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