Monday, March 16, 2015

I drove a car for the first time in 14 months!

Driving for the first time since December 2013!
Hi Family!

Hope that everyone had an awesome week because I sure did back here in Wausau.  The weather is finally getting warmer!  FINALLY.  I even down-graded from fleece lined to regular tights today which is a pretty big step haha.  I don't think the winter here is over yet, but it is a bit more bearable.

Had a pretty good and busy week this week-

Tuesday we had Zone Training meeting.  It was very inspiring.  I think the zone leaders here are my favorite zone leaders that I have had so far.  All of the missionaries in this zone are pretty experienced.  With the exception of my cousin Elder Shaum who just barely came out... haha, everyone in the zone has been out for over a year!  So this zone likes to work hard and work smart!  I love it, but it also made it that much more intimidating to have to give a couple of trainings.  It wasn't as scary as the zone conference trainings that we had to give though because we just train them on the things that we learn at MLC instead of having to start from scratch.  I felt pretty good about the trainings that we gave though!  Still getting the hang of everything, but it is coming slowly but surely.  After the meeting we went on exchanges with the Wisconsin Rapids sisters from Tuesday to Wednesday.
Some of the people that we got to see in Wisconsin Rapids that Sister Kelley taught.
I got to go with Sis. Roper to Wisconsin Rapids.  Wisconsin Rapids is where Sister Kelley had been serving before she came down to Madison to be with me.  She always talked about the Grunden family and about Carol so I felt like I knew them.  And then I got to meet them!  So that was pretty cool.  I have grown to love exchanges a lot. Oh and by the way- we got our car back on Wednesday!!! Yay!

On Thursday we did this Zone Leadership conference call and we talked with the zone leaders and all of the district leaders in our zone.  we came up with the goal to have every area in our zone set a new baptismal date before our all-mission meeting this weekend.  Sister Weaver and I were bound and determined to set an example for the zone and set a baptismal date!  So we prayed so hard that Heavenly Father would bless us to find someone to set a date with as we worked hard.  I promised Heavenly Father in our prayer that even after we set a baptismal date we would continue to work just as hard.  We went out that day and set a baptismal date with the very first potential investigator that we contacted!  It was seriously such a miracle!  We met her tracting a few weeks ago but hadn't been able to get back in contact with her.  So now she is working toward May 2!  It was seriously the coolest thing.  I know that Heavenly Father was blessing us for our righteous desires and our hard work.  And just so you know- I have been keeping my end of the bargain by continuing to work hard and be obedient!

Friday was a good day.  I have never really had one of those experiences on my mission where the Spirit prompts you to knock on a specific house and then that person opens the door and starts crying because you are an answer to their prayer and then they start begging you to let them be baptized.  haha.  Though that would be SUPER COOL, it has just never really worked that way for me.  But on this particular morning we were driving out of an apartment complex and I saw this cute little boy playing on the grass.  We turned the corner and I saw his mom out working on their car.  Normally I am not one to stop the car and start chasing people down the street like a crazy person, but I for some weird reasons felt strongly that we needed to talk to her.  Before I knew it I was yelling at Sister Weaver to quick stop the car and I walked over to this woman and asked her if we could help her with her car.  (I don't know why because I know absolutely NOTHING about cars... haha).  We got to talking and I brought up that we were missionaries for our church and I bore my testimony about how I know that this gospel will bless her family.  We prayed with her and set an appointment to come and start teaching her next week.  Now even though this story doesn't have a huge miraculous ending (yet), I was so grateful for this experience.  It really helped me to build my testimony of acting on the spiritual promptings that we receive.  She didn't start begging us to be baptized, but we do now have the opportunity to start teaching her and her family more about the restored Gospel.  I feel really good about her and her family and am excited to see what happens this coming week when we go meet with her.  And even if she doesn't show up to the appointment like so many people do when you are a missionary, I KNOW that we were supposed to talk to her that day.
Nail party with Lavona

Saturday we got to go on exchanges again with the sisters serving in Gresham.  I stayed in Wausau this time and Sister Payne from Billings, Montana came to be with me.  Because I stayed in our area this time, I had to be the designated driver.  I have never had a car on my mission until now so that was the first time that I had driven a car in over 14 months!!  haha weird feeling.  But don't worry, I didn't kill us.  It did make me miss Barb a whole lot though...

So we had a pretty great week! Right now I am just looking forward to our all-mission meeting down in Milwaukee this weekend!  I will get to see all of my missionary friends and we will have the opportunity of hearing from L. Tom Perry and Craig C. Christensen!  So that is pretty exciting!

Hope that all continues to go well back home!  As always, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.  Sure do love you a lot!  The church is true!

Sister King

Here are some pictures of an FHE group that we put together.

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