Monday, July 7, 2014

So I lost my planner this week....

So I lost my planner this week.... :( (for those of you who don't know, a missionaries LIFE is in their planner)  I left it on the bus so I am going to have to tell you what I was up to this week off of memory!  So sorry if I don't remember everything!  haha

Tuesday- We had our last district meeting this transfer.  Can you believe it??  This transfer is almost over!  So weird!  We had a really fun district this transfer though and we forgot to take pictures, so sorry about that too.  But we had a training that day about the Area book... haha.  Afterward, Sis. Silva and I went out contacting some people.  We met a few interesting people.  We met this one guy on the street that thought he knew everything about Mormons because he had seen South Park and the Book of Mormon play..... bahahahaha Boy,  was he surprised when we told him what we were really about.  We met another guy that came up to us at the bus stop and said "I see those boys in the white shirts and ties everywhere and I want to know what you guys are all about.  Give me your pitch."  Haha A missionaries dream come true!  We sat with him at the bus stop for almost an hour and taught him the whole Restoration and where the Book of Mormon came from and how it works with the Bible and everything.  It was AWESOME.  Then he asked if he could have a copy of the Book of Mormon!  We gave him one and he said, "Thank you very much" and walked off before we could say anything else.  I was super sad because we weren't able to get any of his information but I know that he will start reading that book and that book has so much power and can work miracles, so we will see if we get a call from him sometime soon.  I will let you know :)

Wednesday-  was kind of a bummer day because a lot of people cancelled appointments and we got stuck down in the ghetto for a while waiting for some buses.  That was kind of scary.  But then at the end of the day we got to go to the West Allis parade with the Dominguez's!  So that was fun.

Thursday was a miracle day!  We had a lesson planned with our investigator and I was sssssssssuper nervous about it because we were planning to teach her the word of wisdom.  We knew that she loves coffee so we were kind of procrastinating teaching this lesson, but we knew that we couldn't wait anymore.  When we walking into her apartment there was a huge iced coffee on the table and more coffee mixing in her coffee maker.  And get this- the table cloth that she had out had coffee mugs all over it with "coffee" written in the steam coming out of the coffee.  Hahaha Sis. Silva and I got there and saw all that and just looked at each other wide-eyed.  But we had prayed about it and we knew that we needed to teach her the word of wisdom.  We handed her a word of wisdom pamphlet and I will never forget the look on her face when she opened it up and read all of the things that we abstain from- with coffee being one of them.  We talked about how our bodies are temples and they are incredible gifts from our Heavenly Father and that we need to take good care of them.  Then she looked up at us and said, "Ya know, I like that.  It totally makes sense."  WHAT?? haha I thought she was going to freak out!  But the Spirit was totally there in that lesson and she committed to live the word of wisdom!  So we are one step closer to her baptism now!  It was super cool!  Then later that day we had a lesson with a new investigator.  The Elders in Oak Creek (which is just south east of our area) have an investigator with a baptismal date that just moved into our area by a couple of blocks.  So we get to teach her now!  So we kind of had a "pass off" lesson with them.  It was awesome!  I am super excited to get to start working with her .

Friday was the 4th of July!!!!  It was weird to be a missionary on the 4th of July.  Every single person here in Wisconsin was drunk that day.  So that was a new experience but we tried to make it a fun day.  We had a BBQ with new member so that was fun!  And then we got to watch the Joseph Smith movie with her which is as close to a movie night as you can get as a missionary.  So that was way fun.  And then afterward, we went to the Dominguez's for s'mores and fireworks!  It was way fun!  It was such a tender mercy to be able to spend this day with Sarah and the Dominguez's because I was feeling pretty homesick.  I just love the 4th of July back home so much!  It is such a fun family day and I knew that you guys were probably having a blast, so I just really missed you guys.  That is why it was so amazing to be able to spend the evening with Sarah and the Dominguez's.  I didn't feel homesick anymore when I was with them.  I really have come to love this ward here in West Allis so much!

Saturday we got to go out to lunch with Sis. Stewart after she came to a few lessons with us.  So that was way fun.  And then we had another pass off lesson with the Oak Creek elders and our new investigator.  She committed to pay tithing once she is baptized, so she is well on her way to baptism!
It really was a great week!!

So on Saturday I will find out if I am getting transferred out of West Allis, or staying here for 7 1/2 months.  It should be interesting.  While it is possible that I could stay, I think that I will probably be leaving.  So next time I e-mail you I will get to tell you what is going on with transfers!  Be praying for me because I am really nervous about it. 
Have an awesome week!!!
Love you so much!!
Sister King

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