Monday, September 29, 2014

The Book is always better :)

Hi family!!  
Thank you so much for your e-mails this week.  They were exactly what I needed.  Something that I have found is that the miracles on my mission are usually preceded by lots of opposition.  With our investigator's baptism coming up this week (which is nothing short of a miracle), I have really been feeling it.  But it is so worth it to get to see her enter the waters of baptism this Saturday.  Please keep her in your prayers as I am sure this week might be a tough one for her too.
Check out what is playing in Downtown Madison!

Tuesday was pretty amazing.  So we haven't really been able to meet consistently with our investigator  recently.  She is the one that had the dream and already knows that the church is true.  So that has been really frustrating.  I think that it has been the same with her- Satan really does NOT want her baptized, so he has been working really hard on keeping her from us.  While she says that she already believes the church is true, she has been having a hard time accepting the idea of modern prophets because she has had bad experiences in her past churches with their "prophets."  Because we hadn't really been able to get a hold of her, we stopped by her house to drop off a Spanish Book of Mormon because she also speaks Spanish.  Literally 10 seconds before we knocked on her door, she had found out that her step father had gotten in a crazy car accident and was rushing out to the hospital.  We were able to give her the book and also a card that we had made for her with a bunch of scriptures in the B of M that talk about trusting in God.  We handed those to her and she ran out the door yelling, "Oh by the way, I prayed about it and I know that Thomas Monson is a prophet!"  And she was off!  We went to the members home that lives next door to her, and she showed us her facebook post that said, "I really love this whole Book of Mormon thing!"  So that was a pretty big miracle.  Even though she is facing a lot of opposition and she hasn't really been able to meet with us a lot, she is still pushing through and turning to the Book of Mormon for answers, and she has been finding them!  We are going to be meeting with her this week.  So please keep our investigator in your prayers with everything that she has been going through too.

The book is always better :)

Wednesday we got to have interviews with President Cutler!  Towards the beginning of my mission, these interviews always made me really nervous.  But now I really look forward to them because they are a time when I receive so much revelation and also when I can really reflect back and see how far I have come and how much I have learned since the last interview.  I came with a couple of questions in mind that President Cutler answered without me even asking them.  He truly is inspired.  He made me feel a lot more confident in myself as a missionary.  Towards the end of my interview, we were starting to run out of time.  But President Cutler stopped and asked me if he could give me a blessing.  I was completely taken aback!  I have always wanted to ask President Cutler for a blessing, but have always been too scared.  But here he asked if he could and told me that he really wanted to and felt like he should.  It was such an amazing blessing with so many amazing promises and blessings.  Some of the things that really stuck out to me in the blessing was that I was promised that I will return home safely to you all.  So that's good to know. :)  He also talked about how I will face a lot of hard trials on my mission.  Some of them specifically will be hard companions, severe weather, and disappointments.  But I was promised that the Lord will help me through them and they will help me to learn and to grow.  There were a ton of other really cool stuff that was talked about.  In fact, as soon as President finished he turned to me and said, "Whoa.  That was a really good blessing."  So it was pretty awesome to get to have interviews this week.  We were also able to have lunch with our new investigator.  Technically she is in the campus ward so she should be taught by the campus elders and we were meeting with her to turn her over to them.  But she told us that she feels a lot more comfortable being taught by sisters, so we get to keep teaching her.  :)  She is pretty solid so I am excited for that.

Playing with the Halloween package that Sis. Brewster's family sent to her.

Thursday we had a lesson with our investigator preparing her for her baptismal interview.  And we also volunteered at a blood drive for the American Red Cross.

Friday was her baptismal interview and she passed!!!!!  So everything is official for this coming Saturday!  She is going to be baptized in between sessions of general conference.  It is going to be an awesome day!

Saturday the Spanish missionaries in our ward had a baptism!  It was pretty cool.  It was for a boy named Jaziel and he is a stud.  It was cool because now on my mission I have attended a Spanish funeral and a Spanish baptism.  I LOVE it because even though I have no idea what is going on or what is being said, the Spirit is still the same.  And the Spirit was super strong at the baptism.  We were also able to watch the General Women's meeting that night at our church building.  I loved it so much and it is making me so stoked for conference this coming weekend.  There is a living prophet on the earth today and he is going to talk to us guys!!!!!!  I am so stoked!
Jaziel got baptized on Saturday!  He is one of the Spanish members.

Thanks so much again for everything that you do for me!  I love you all so much and I already can't wait to hear from you again next week.  LOVE YOU!!

Sister King

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