Friday, September 26, 2014

He Doesn't Expect Perfection, Just Progression

So we had a pretty crazy week.  As usual.
Chillin on the bus

Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about preparing people for baptism.  It was super awesome and made me super excited for our investigator's baptism coming up on October 4th.  She is actually going to be baptized in between sessions of conference so that is going to be a very spiritually overwhelming day but also probably the best day ever.  After district meeting we went to contact a headquarter referral that we received.  It ended up taking us to a frat house and turns out it was just a bunch of guys pulling a prank on their roommate.  So that was interesting... haha.  Gotta love UW Madison.  
We also got a really sweet phone call from President Cutler on Tuesday and he thanked us for all the hark work we have been doing in our area.  Last week we had 11 lessons taught to investigators with a member present, 20 other lessons, and 6 investigators at church.  Which are really good numbers if you don't know much about missionary work.  So that made us feel really good to know that our hard work is paying off!

Wednesday we had a lesson with a new investigator that we found on the bus .  She is the biggest sweetheart!  We started teaching her the Restoration, but only got through the first point.  We started talking about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and that really touched her.  She has never had a good relationship with her earthly father, so it really meant a lot to her that she could have the father and daughter relationship with God.  It was a super powerful lesson and she ended up coming to church yesterday!  Unfortunately, I think we are going to have to pass her off to the YSA Campus ward missionaries, but we still love her a lot! :)
We had another lesson with another investigator  and we talked a lot about prophets and how it is necessary that we have modern prophets on the earth today.  She hasn't had good experiences with the "prophets" in her past churches, so we are helping her to warm up to the idea.  How perfect is it that conference is next week though?  She will fall in love with President Monson!  In the words of Elder Christiansen on The District, "You can always put your money on the prophet."

Thursday was a miracle day.  We have been preparing our investigator for her baptismal interview which is this coming Friday.  She has been pretty nervous and so we wanted to do something to help her feel better.  President Hassler of the mission presidency is going to be doing her interview, so we had dinner with Rachel in the Hassler's home.  It was an amazing experience.  The Hassler's are an incredible family.  President Hassler was called to serve as an area seventy when he was newly married and President Hinckley is the one who set him apart.  In that blessing, he was promised that if he made missionary work the center of his home, none of his children would go astray.  He took that promise VERY seriously, and they have had over 30 non member friends baptized over the years!!!  You should listen to the CD "The Missionary Next Door" if you want to hear more about them.  They are a cool family.  Anyway, having dinner and getting to know the Hassler family really helped her to feel better about her interview.  Please keep her in your prayers this week as her baptismal interview approaches.

Friday we were able to volunteer at St. Vincent's food pantry again.  I really like volunteering there.  Sometimes missionary work can be hard because we help people in more of a long term way and don't always see the fruits of our labors.  But at St. Vincent's, I see people come and get food for their hungry families right away.  So that is really rewarding.  And everyone there LOVES the Mormon missionaries.  We had a few lessons with some recent converts the rest of the day

Saturday we had our missionary correlation meeting, and a few other lessons with investigators that aren't really progressing.  But then we were able to have dinner at the Thurston's!  Our favorites!!  :)

Over all, this was a really good week!  We are continuing to see miracles.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  I could really feel them when I needed them this week.  I love you so much!!!  Have an awesome week!!

So pretty much how we spend our time is knitting while we listen to MoTab.  I think it is safe to say that we have turned into a couple of 90 year old ladies.

Sister King

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