Monday, June 16, 2014

Busy, Stressful, Fun, Amazing!

Out for ice cream with Sarah and Elizabeth!

Super busy and stressful week in West Allis this past week!  But super fun and amazing week too.  I really do think I am starting to get the swing of things though.  So that's good.  Here is a rundown of what has been going on:
Tuesday- We had our Zone Training Meeting so that pretty much took most the day.  I also got a super bad migraine which was weird.  I had never really had one before.  I was just super sensitive to light and sound.  So I didn't really get much out of the training meeting because I just couldn't focus which I was super bummed about because I usually learn a lot.  Oh well, there is always next month. Haha.  That night we went to a family's home for dinner that I had never been to before!  Weird, I thought that I pretty much knew the whole ward.  But this family was totally awesome and is one of my new favorite families.  As we were about to leave one of the boys said, "Can the missionaries come back real soon, Mom??"  Oh my heart just melted.  I love getting to know the amazing members in this ward.  It is really interesting because the majority of people in this ward are converts to the church which is pretty much opposite of my ward back home.  I love it because all of them are so strong and have such amazing stories.  I learn so much from them and I really have come to love West Allis so much!  So it was a good day.

At McCarty Park with some members in our ward

Reppin my Alaska shirt from you Mom and Dad!
Wednesday we had really weird weather.  It was like misty/foggy/rainy.  Like there was just liquid all over in the air.  It was weird and it made contacting people hard.  So that was kind of a bummer.  But we did get to meet with a new member and teach her a lesson.  We have decided to go through the Book of Mormon stories with her starting from the beginning.  So this week we talked about Nephi and how much faith he had and how he would do whatever it took to be obedient to the Lord's commandments and how much he was blessed for it.  It was awesome.  The Spirit is always so strong when we discuss what we learn from the Book of Mormon.  It was so fun because now instead of teaching her lessons, it is pretty much a discussion.  In fact, she teaches me a lot now too!  It was amazing to see the changes in her from when we first started teaching her to her baptism.  But it has been even more amazing to see the change in her from the baptism to now!  Her testimony grows so much everyday!  She truly has embraced the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful for her.
Thursday we met with a former investigator.  She just really likes missionaries but has never been interesting in learning about the church at all.  Last time we met with her we invited her to read from the Book of Mormon.  I know this is probably bad, but when we went back to follow up on her reading I had pretty much already decided in my head that she hadn't read.  But when we got there, I was shocked to find that she had been reading!  And she asked us for a spanish copy to make it easier for her.  What??  It was so cool.  Don't worry, I repented for not having faith.  I am excited to continue to work with her.  We also had another lesson with our investigator that is Lutheran.  We brought the Lenhard's with us this time which was really awesome.  They told him about their own conversion stories and why they decided to join the church.  It was really cool.  He is progressing slowly but surely.

Working at the booth at the Polish Fest with Sis. Silva

The booth at Polish Fest

Chillin at the Polish Fest!

Our Friday morning appointments fell through... :(  But then a new member called us and asked if we could have another lesson!  haha Isn't she just the cutest?  She wanted another lesson... haha.  So we went to the park so that her daughter could run around and play and we continued to teach her about Nephi.  This time we talked more about the Tree of Life.  This is a story that has really touched her in her life so it was cool to get to talk to her about it again and why it had had such a big impact on her.  Then, for the rest of the afternoon, we got to go to the Polish Fest in Downtown Milwaukee!  There are a lot of Polish people here in Wisconsin so basically it is just this HUGE festival where all of the polish people get together to celebrate being polish I guess.  They have these huge festival grounds in Milwaukee.  It's actually really cool.  The Church decided to set up a family history booth there to teach people about and tell them about the family history centers that we have.  The Polish people were all over that!  haha.  So Sister Silva and I got to go over and work at the booth teaching people how to use the website and stuff.  It was way cool!  People got to see our name tags and stuff so that was good.  We technically weren't allowed to "proselyte" and teach people about the gospel.  But, if people asked us questions then we were allowed to answer!  Plus, I would say about 1 in every 3 people that I talked to asked me why family history is so important to our church, so I got to bear my testimony about eternal families and the Plan of Salvation.  It was way cool and we did get a decent amount of referrals of people that want to learn more!  Also- they gave the volunteers that worked there tokens to go and try some of the polish food there.  That was way yummy!  So we worked the Polish Fest all afternoon and evening.  Towards the evening, everyone was just really drunk though haha.  Every single person was walking around with a beer in their hand.  And the beer there cost $6 a cup!  It was ridiculous!  But also kind of funny... haha.  But Polish Fest was way cool.
Saturday-  When I woke up in the morning Sis. Silva told me that I had been talking in my sleep and had taught her all about how is the world's largest collection of family history and genealogy resources available for free online.  Haha I literally taught her about family history in my sleep.  I am definitely a missionary.  We spent a good chunk of the afternoon visiting less actives.  But then on Saturday night we had to take Sis. Silva to the Urgent Care because she had a really bad double ear infection.  When we got to the doctor he stuck the thing in her ear and was like, "it looks like you are in a lot of pain"  and Sis. Silva was like, "well I know that!"  hahahahaha But according to the doctor she got a double ear infection from the wind or something.  Who would have thought?    But she got some prescription ear drops and is doing better now.

We worked at Polish Fest all day on Sunday.  That was way fun!  I loved getting to be at Polish Fest and just talk to everybody and we kind of got to explore the Polish Fest too.  It really was a neat experience.  The Spirit of Elijah is now alive in the Polish people of Wisconsin! 
Also- Sunday was my 5 month mark.  FIVE MONTHS!!  Weird.  It seems like my 4 month mark was 5 seconds ago.  That month went by way fast.  And can you believe that June is half way over already too?  I am grateful that the time is going by fast because that means that we are busy and having fun. 
Sunday was also Father's Day.  I thought about you a lot Dad.  I really am so grateful for the amazing Father that I have.  I couldn't do it without you!

On the way home from the Polish Fest, The Lenhard's drove us through downtown and we got to see the building where the City Branch meets.  Isn't it beautiful??  It was one of the only buildings that the church built during the depression.  I think it was for the German members of the church here in Wisconsin or something like that.
Overall, it was a great week!  I am literally exhausted all the time, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  That's pretty much it.  Thanks for being the best family ever!  LOVE YOU!!
Sister King

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