Saturday, December 20, 2014

Crazy this week, but so good!

Such a crazy week this week, but so good.  We witnessed so many miracles.  We have been so busy and are always exhausted, but that is the way that it goes most days.
Sister Kelley and me

Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries.  We looked at it through the lens of the Restoration.  Our purpose as missionaries is to teach people the restored gospel.  Interesting that it always specifies that.  It is because we are living in the last days before Christ is going to come to the earth again.  We are so blessed to get to be a part of the Restoration and I am glad that I have the opportunity to share that knowledge and that joy with others.  After district meeting, we went to go visit a new investigator that we had found, but she wasn't home.  However, her neighbor  was outside and we started talking to him.  He told us that he is Atheist, but we started talking to him about Christmas and were able to help him to open up.  We talked to him about this new "He is the Gift" video that the church has put out.  (Which is really good by the way!  You should watch it.)  It has been cool to see how people that wouldn't normally talk to us or open up to us are more willing to listen during the Christmas season.  Later that night we were able to go to our ward's relief society activity.  They had a program called ''The Women Who Knew Christ."  It was very interesting.  It was pretty much just testimonies of the women who were involved in Christ's birth.  Pretty cool.

Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator Z.  She has been progressing more now.  She has been reading from the Book of Mormon everyday and really enjoying it.  We talked about the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  We talked about what it feels like and why it is such a blessing to have as a constant companion.  She just has a few concerns that we are trying to work through.  We were also able to visit a few other recent converts and less-actives.  Nothing too crazy.

Thursday we had a lesson with out new investigator I.  He is the one that we met on the bus a few weeks ago.  We had taught him the Restoration last time and he really liked it.  But we wanted to make sure that he understood it all the way before we moved on.  So we watched the Restoration DVD with him and it was super powerful.  He told us that he was having warm feelings in his heart when he watched it so that is a good sign!  We gave him his own copy and he went home and watched it 4 times... haha.  So we are excited to see him again this week and hopefully we can set a baptismal date with him! 
Exchanges with Sister Brewster

Friday was exchanges!!!  I got to go on exchanges with the one and only Sister Brewster!  So fun to get to be back with her again.  She goes home on Thursday so it was fun to get to reminisce.  So crazy!  But this time we were back in our area together so that was pretty cool.  We got to see a lot of people that we taught together when we were companions.  We got to see Rachel together again which was really cool.  Reminded me again of what a miracle she is and what an amazing example she is too.  It was fun to be together with the 3 of us again.  We talked about the Christmas story in the Book of Mormon.  It must have taken a lot of faith on the believers part to stand up to the unbelievers when it came time for Christ's birth.  We also got to see S who is doing very well too!  She still reads from the Book of Mormon everyday and has started going to institute every week.  So that was pretty cool.  It was fun to get to exchange with Sister Brewster, but it was so nice to have Sister Kelley back again!  Sure do love that girl.  I am going to miss Sister Brewster when she goes home this week.
Kendall's baptism

Isn't Kendall just glowing?

Saturday was KENDALL' S BAPTISM!  It was such an amazing day!  This week was definitely full of ups and downs.  Kendall was out of town all week for business, so we had lessons with her over the phone everyday.  There was definitely a lot of opposition, but Kendall has been so strong.  Her family was not very supportive of her decision to be baptized.  But she says that she received and answer to her prayer and she knew what she needed to do.  There was really a special spirit at her baptism.  Kendall is amazing because she was already a very spiritual and Christlike person before she found this church.  But when Kendall bore her testimony at her baptism, she talked about how this new found faith is only going to strengthen and add to the faith that she already has.  Which is to true.  I love that this gospel does that.  It takes our strengths as well as our weaknesses and helps us to become better through them.  You can feel the Spirit so strongly whenever you are around Kendall and you can tell that she is just glowing with the light of Christ.  I am so grateful for her amazing example to me.  If everyone had faith like Kendall, the whole world would be baptized by now! 

When Sister Kelley and I were setting transfer goals back at the beginning of the transfer, our biggest goal that we decided on was to witness a Christmas miracle.  I think we did just that with Kendall!  She truly is a miracle and I feel so humbled and so blessed to have gotten to be a part of this.  I love being a missionary!  It is people like Kendall that make this all worth while.

I hope that you all are having a great Christmas season!  I love you!

Sister King

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