Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Bye West Allis!

Yep!  It's official.  I am leaving West Allis.  My new area is going to be....
The Madison 1st Ward.

My companion's name is Sis. Brewster.  I don't know much about her but I hear she is super sweet and I am excited to be companions with her.  So as of Wednesday I will have a new area and a new companion.
Very first time my name was on the transfer text!

Ok get this.  There are only 3 sister areas in the whole entire mission that don't have a car.  West Allis is one of them.  Madison 1st ward is another one of them. hahahahahaha Yeah,  just let that sink in for a second.  I'm still on the bus!  I really don't mind not having a car.  But that just means that I will probably be on the bus again for this coming winter which is the only thing that I am not too excited about.  It's gonna be cold!  But other than that, I feel so good about going to Madison.  I have heard so many good things about it and it is somewhere that I have always wanted to serve.  I feel so blessed and I do feel like this is where I am supposed to go for the next chapter of my mission/life.  It will be quite the adventure though!  I am excited to see what lies in store!
Anyways, back to West Allis for a second.  My last week here!
My district from this transfer

Tuesday was the last district meeting and that was sad because I have really enjoyed my district this transfer.  We have seen A LOT of miracles in our ward.  We were able to have a district testimony meeting and that was a cool experience.  I always leave district meeting spiritually uplifted and ready to take on the world.  We were able to meet with a new member afterward and that was really good.  Her life has been kind of crazy these past couple of weeks so we hadn't seen her since like July!  It was good to get back in contact with her.  We talked about how we need to be doing to small and simple things- reading our scriptures, saying our prayers, and going to church.  They are so simple but they really do make a big difference!  So was a good lesson and I think a good reminder for her.  A good reminder for me too... 

My favorite lady

And my favorite family!

Wednesday Sis. Silva and I were out contacting and this guy pulled his car over and asked us who we were and what we were doing.  I was so excited!  In my head this was going to be an Ensign story where this guy sees Sister Missionaries on the side of the road and feels like he should stop and talk to them and then gets baptized.  But no...  he actually just wanted to try and recruit us for his church and then told us if we didn't leave our church then we would go to hell.  So that was nice.  Haha.  We were able to find this SUPER COOL new investigator.  He is a 67 year old man and he has a giant train museum in his house!  Not like miniature models, but real trains and stuff!  He is a super nice guy and really talkative.  He loves how nice and kind the missionaries have always been and said that he could see a light in our eyes.  So he wants to start learning more about our church.  He is pretty staunch Catholic, but I have faith.  Miracles can happen!  He is such a good guy and I am excited to see what happens with him. 
Thursday we visited a less active member and we were able to help her to teach her kids some of the Book of Mormon and Bible stories.  That was pretty cool because it is like we are helping her and her children.  So that was pretty fun.  Then I have my very last West Allis weekly planning session :)
Friday was spent visiting some more less active members which was really good.  It was CRAZY hot and humid though.  I was sweating like a pig it was so bad haha.  But the show must go on!  To cool me off, Sis. Silva dumped a bucket of ice water on my head at the Dominguez's.  But it sounds like you all already knew that... :)  And then Sis. Stewart had us all over for dinner which was really fun.  I know you all know this too, but I love that asian lady!

Saturday the transfer text came while we were out playing soccer with the Mexicans.  So I found out that I was leaving West Allis.  So we went home and I started packing a little bit.  I sure have accumulated a lot of junk... Then our ward had a Corn Roast that afternoon!  It was so fun!  I had never had roasted corn before so that was pretty good.  Plus, the train guy came!  That was super awesome because we had only just met him a few days earlier.  But the ward was so awesome and took him right in and he made so many friends.  He wants to come to church now!  Our new member  was also able to make it and she was able to fellowship with the ward a lot more too.  This is seriously the greatest ward EVER.  Which was kind of bittersweet for me because I knew that I was going to be leaving all of these people.  But it was the biggest tender mercy that my very last weekend here, I got to spend it with everyone that I love because they were all there!  At the Corn Roast, our Bishop even did the ice bucket challenge.  Haha it was a hoot!

Sunday- my last church in West Allis!  That was really hard.  Harder than I ever even thought.  It was the mission farewell of a kid in our ward that is going to Uruguay.  All of the missionaries have gotten really close to their family as they have prepared their son to leave.  And their whole family spoke in church!  So that was really awesome.  Later that night, they had a little get together at the church for everyone to come and say goodbye before he heads off to Uruguay this week.  That was fun that I got to say bye to a lot of people there too. 
And my favorite senior missionary couple!

So the West Allis era is coming to a close.  I am excited to go to Madison and start over there, but at the same time I can't imagine not being in West Allis anymore.  I have absolutely loved it here.  I have come to love people that have changed my life forever.  I know that the church is true and that Heavenly Father loves me because he placed me here in West Allis.  I KNOW that I was supposed to be here.  Now I just need to have faith that He needs me

in Madison too!

I love you so much!  Please be praying for me this week as I go through a lot of changes.  I think it is going to be really tough, but I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants to happen. 
Have an awesome week!!!
Goodbye family and goodbye West Allis!
Sister King

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