Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's day

Oh my goodness getting to talk to you guys last night still just doesn't even feel real!!!  It was so fun!  It is so weird that one second it is against the rules to talk to you guys and then all of a sudden it is ok.  And now it is not again.  haha but I seriously can't wait for Christmas!!!
Here is a rundown of this past week!
Wednesday-  It took us the whole entire day to make it over to our appointments house and then as soon as we got there, the lady called us and cancelled.... typical.  haha.  But that's ok.  So that pretty much took our whole day.  In the evening our favorite Sister Stewart came out with us to some appointments.  She dropped us off back at our apartment and we still had like 30-40 minutes of proselyting time.  That's  really hard in a bus area because that is how long it takes to even wait for the bus.  So we decided to just walk around the block a few times and see if there was anyone that needed to talk to us!  We prayed so hard for someone to be placed into our path that was ready as we walked for 30 minutes.  We walked... and nothing happened.  UNTIL right when we got back to our apartment at 9 o'clock.  There were these two girls sitting outside. They are so awesome.  They have both been through a lot and we shared how the gospel can help them in their lives with everything that is going on.  So we will be meeting with them again tonight and I am so excited!
Thursday-  We met with our less-active.  He had been making a lot of progress but when we went to visit him this time you could tell that he had fallen back a little bit.  He hadn't been reading him Book of Mormon for the passed 2 weeks and you could see it in his countenance... :(  But we re committed him to reading everyday and he is already doing better again!  It is seriously crazy the difference that the Book of Mormon makes in our lives.  Then we had a lesson with our investigator, the guy that is an elder in his Lutheran church.  Lessons with him are always interesting.  He knows the bible reallllllllllly well and I don't so that makes things really interesting.  He is a really nice guy though so we are praying really hard to know what do get to teach him this coming week and how to handle all of his intense deep questions.  So that should be interesting.  AND THEN we had our first lesson with our new investigator T.  She is seriously the bomb diggity.  She is so cool and so prepared.  Like I feel the same way about her when we taught Sarah for the first time too which is a really big deal.  We taught her the restoration and she accepted everything and absolutely loved it!  I can't wait to start meeting with her more.  You will probably (and hopefully) be hearing about her a lot more in the weeks to come!  She lives kind of far away so while we were there visiting her there was a referral that we received a loooooooong time ago that lives in the same area.  But we had never been able to get a hold of it.  We decided to stop by today and we were finally able to make contact with the people that lived there.  It is a newly wed couple and the referral was actually for the wife, but when we went her husband answered to door.  They are super good, religious, Christian people and while they are very active in the church they go to they said that they would love to learn more about what our church teaches.  So seriously all they need to do is read the Book of Mormon and feel the Spirit and they will be golden.  So pretty much Thursday was a bomb day.
Friday we had our weekly planning sesh.... but we made it fun by having a cereal party.  #reese'spuffs.  That night we had dinner and a lesson with Sarah who is doing as awesome as ever!  We talked to her about missionary work and how she can share this wonderful gospel with other people that need it too.  She loved it!  She is so excited to share the gospel.  After dinner, the plans that we had cancelled, so we decided to head to this bus stop that we had been to a lot.  At this particular bus stop we run into a girl  sometimes.  She is way cool and we hadn't seen her in a while so we decided to stop by.  She has never been super interested in meeting with us, but she has always been way nice to us and I know that her heart will soften eventually.  So we headed to the bus stop and guess what!  She was there.  As soon as we walked up she said, "Sisters!  I was hoping I would run into you again soon!  I lost the card that you gave me and wanted another one so that I could check out that website."  What the heck how cool is that!!!  No doubt it was a spiritual prompting that we needed to go see her at the bus stop again that night.
Saturday morning the new senior couple that moved in down the street had us over for breakfast.  So that was way fun.  Later that day our ward had a baptism.  It was a family that the Elders have been working with for a long time.  The dad just got the priesthood a couple of weeks ago and on Saturday he baptized his 9 year old and his 8 year old boys!  The spirit at the baptism was really special.  Also- they didn't have a pianist there so I got to fill in on the spot! haha I actually didn't do too bad.
Sunday-  BEST DAY EVER!!!!!  Our investigator  came to church!!!  She loved it and she was participating in the lessons and everything.  Her daughter  loved it too.  T is about the same age as Sarah and their daughters are the same age too, so T and S already have friends and feel comfortable coming to church!  It's great!  Spiritual conversion to the gospel is really important, but social conversion is important too.  Having a friend there to support you and answer your questions and bear their testimony is KEY.  For example, Sarah had the Dominguez family and the Feezor's.  So I don't think it is a coincidence that our recent convert just happens to be the perfect fellowshipper for T.  It also gives Sarah a chance to bear her testimony too so that is way cool.    After church we took Mother's Day cookies around to some of the investigators that we have been working with.  So that was way fun.  Then.......  We went over to the Boston's to talk to our families!!  Totally the highlight of my past 4 months here!  You guys all look so good!  I sure do miss you.  It was totally a tender mercy that we had been having such a great day, because if it had been a bad day I think I would have gotten pretty homesick.  But Heavenly Father was looking out for me and made yesterday the best day ever.  And for that I am grateful.  While at the Boston's, there is this tradition that you show all the new missionaries this Yoda poster that they have in their family room and while they are looking at it you run and tackle them into the bean bag chair.  Let's just say I NAILED Sister Newton.  haha so that was fun.  And then to top off the most amazing day ever, T texted us right before we went to bed and said, "Thank you so much for bringing me to church!  I can't wait to meet again."  It is days like today that make a mission worth it!!!
Also- here is something cool that happened.  The record for "other lessons" in the sisters area in West Allis is 22 in one week.  And Sister Newton and I had 22 this week so we tied the record!  But don't worry, we will break it this week!
Hope you all have an amazing week.  Thanks for being the best family ever!  LOVE YOU!!
Sister King

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